Transforming Data into Information


     The computing revolution has profoundly changed the methods and opportunities involved in the pursuit of all modern commercial and business opportunities.   Digital presentation of commercial offers, methods of communication with current and prospective customers, optimizing scrutiny of product performance, and  tracking of personalized customer preferences have become not only possible, but absolutely necessary to successfully compete in today’s digital  economy.


   Marketing efforts now must include a complete and exhaustive digitizing of the information necessary to present both goods and services to the online audience.  All subsequent post-sales  activities then generate seemingly endless data files with every possible minutia tracked, recorded, a nd archived. 


   This firehose of data can be shaped, converted and summarized into actionable information that allows companies to grow by learning.  Information can be used to optimize marketing messages, adjust marketing channel budgets, iterate product offerings to match a changing marketplace, and improve supply chain planning to better match demand.


Information Factory efforts are focused in three main areas.


Graphic design in chiang mai

Our Chiang Mai graphics design team have worked on various projects

photo studio chiang mai thailand

Our state-of-the-art photo studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Creating and Compiling product information


  • photography
  • copywriting
  • digital product specifications


   in the clearest possible manner to an interested potential customer.  High quality images, encompassing both detailed product images as well as lifestyle and brand supporting studio and outside background images using both western and asian models.   Compiling supporting data into product descriptions that include precise information and organizing this data into specific  offerings  is a detailed and painstaking process that has the potential to yield new markets and customers.  Accurate and specific information presentation to potential customers  greatly minimizes both required sales efforts and potential fulfillment confusion, leading to increased customer satisfaction.



Product photography in chiang mai

The Information Factory Chiang Mai specializes in photography for products such as jewelry


Presenting product information to the marketplace


  • graphic design
  • catalogs
  • websites
  • email
  • social platforms


Adjusting business strategies and tactics using statistical data analysis


  • analyzing sales data
  • changing product offerings price and style
  • etc logistics, customer records and customer contact behavior.
product data analysis chart

The data analysis team in Chiang Mai work to provide the most reliable information.