Brochure Design Thailand

 The premier brochure design team in Thailand, with over 3 million brochures and catalogs distributed worldwide.Our expert team have a deacades experience in designing and distributing catalogs from Thailand. Our team have offices for borchure design in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, contact a consultant today for more information.

How much does Brochure design cost?

 Initial customer catalog charges are a flat rate per page (see pricing below).This includes all over-view discussion and big-picture decisioning, initial structural design and graphic layout, necessary digital photograph editing and creating files for printing. Final upload handling and print finalization with the printer is an important issue and is also included. This is all inclusive and there are no additional charges or limitations unless you request extra services. You provide all copy and digital photo files. If photography for your products or services are required, we supply full digital photography and editing services

The Brochure design and printing process:

 Our catalogs are not made from pre-set templates. All are a unique bespoke layout with a detailed look and feel for the new customer. We start with a meeting with the customer regarding target market, industry, competition and style needs and build a design best suited to the desired attributes and goals of the catalog. With an overall mission in hand, we then work on the layout and the look of individual images/text within a page and the page within the whole to achieve a coherent and clear final work.

The time-line of brochure layout and design:

 A standard catalog project in the neighborhood of 32 to 64 pages generally takes about 4-6 weeks to design and proof. Generally the customer is kept in the loop and is involved in approving both the style and layout along the way, which requires some allotted interaction time. Smaller catalogs usually require less time, about 2-4 weeks. The printing process usually takes another 7-10 working days. We can work with almost any printer and can help you find just the right printer for your specific project, included in the basic printing cost.

The Brochure Cost Table:

Trim 8-1/2 x 11Price per Page$499$419$375$399$309$279$255
Trim 6 x 11Price per Page$380$305$275$252$228$206
Trim 5-1/2 x 8-1/2Price per Page$287$228$207$190$175

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