Digital Web Design

   Design is a vital part of today’s business world. In fact, it has sunk itself in business for a long time but we just happen to be able to clearly see its significance now. For consumer’s satisfaction, products almost require presenting a certain style. Now with the internet, there is an infinite possibility to how designs can be made. Speaking of design in business and marketing, one could acknowledge many different things. The possibility is essentially endless. Magazine, Newspapers, billboards, and brochures are some of the examples of effective market which has a long tradition. However, in recent years, there has been a big change that shook the business industry. This change is the Internet.


  Today, we have made marketing a lot more digital. With this fact, there has been a multiplication in possibilities for design. For example, there are different ways of how to design a website to please users and be mobile friendly. Today’s design also covers graphic design which is a very useful technique and catalog design.


Catalog Design


  A catalog is a set of items in categories or lists to provide a clear perception of certain availabilities. Catalogs are often used for products and services since it provide a brief easy-to-read guide for the audience who prefer varieties. A catalogs can present itself in many formats be it a book, a brochure, or a section of a magazine, and, most recent, a list on an electronic applications or website. It must be brief and easy to read using only a small amount of words that should include all necessary information such as prices of products and colors available.


Graphic Design


  Graphic Design is at the core of all designs. To effectively attract the audience, anything has to look stylistic in one way or the other. Basic formulas for Graphic Design are first recognizing the audience, and then move on to the layout, typography, image, and color.


Audience – The audience is the most important part of a design. Thus, recognizing the audience of the projected images is necessary. Ask question such as “Who is the audience?” or “What do the audience like?” Answering these questions will give designers a clearer picture of how they should approach their design. It is also important to address the use and theory of audience demographics to promote more effective communications.


Layout – The layout follows tried and true rules for effectively grabbing and focusing the reader’s attention. Using a good layout means being able to attract the audience in the right way.


Typography – Typography adhere to standards for effectively improving legibility and readability, thus holding the audience’s attention more readily. It Includes expertise in typefaces, and type theory.


Image – Designers choose images and edit them to shape the preference of the audience. After selecting an image, the designer uses professional software to retouch the photo emphasizing what they feel they should


Color – management of color attributes for effectively evoking the appropriate reader’s reaction. Different colors psychologically affect the audiences’ feelings toward the object or image of that color. For example, green stands for nature-friendly and blue represents cleanliness and peace.


Formulas for graphic design

Basic formulas every designed should consider for graphic design.



Web Design


  Web design is another form of design as important as the two above since today’s word is so driven by information technology. Essentially, it is similar to putting together the techniques of designing graphics and catalogs. However, there is more to a website than appearance. Sure, if a website‘s purpose is to sell products, it needs to include a well-designed catalog and also needs to look attractive. Despite that, a website designer should take into account the quality of a website based on load times, user experience, and mobile-compatibility. Optimization is the technical term for this procedure. A well optimized website will boost credibility and, in turn, will more likely succeed in what it sets out to do.


Certain elements of  web design

Some elements to consider when it comes to web design