Digital Marketing Solutions

  Digital Marketing is a growing industry that has expanded rapidly ever since the birth of the internet in the 90s. Nowadays, people have access to vast amounts of information at the touch of their fingers. This paradigm shift has change advertising forever. Gone are the days in which companies use television, magazines and newspapers as their main advertising media. Anything non-digital is now old-fashioned. In addition, here are more people looking at products online so companies that are not using to their advantage miss out a lot.


Digital marketing solutions cover everything relating to using technology to gain more customers. Let’s take a look at these variations.


Social Media


  Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram are the few examples of social media. It is a virtual place, website, platform, or whatever you want to call it, where people can share and receive information about themselves and others, all at the press of a button. People spend a long time on these sites. Therefore, advertisement companies would be losing customers if they don’t take advantage of these so called social media. Also, the things people share come in many forms such as pictures, videos, and almost anything that a web can display. Advertisers have the chance really get creative with this type of marketing.


Popular social medias

Popular digital tools for marketing solutions.





  This stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the many techniques for gaining more traffic from search engines. As one would know by now, Google is perhaps the most accessed website especially when people want to find something. However, most users would only click on web pages that appear in the top three of the search results or on the front page. This means that to gain more traffic, a webpage has to appear on the first page. If not, they are losing potential customers. This is how SEO comes in handy.


Search Engine Optimization SEO

SEO helps boosts the rank of a webpage of Google search results. With search results, companies gains visibility which means profit.





  Email Marketing is one solution that benefits the company and its customers as well as finding new customers. This method aims to send personalized emails to users based on their activities and subscriptions around the internet. Old customers may receive emails and new customers can discover the companies from emails sent to them from their previous web activities.


email marketing websites

Many companies offer Email Marketing platforms, another variety of digital marketing solutions



Advertising Service


  This is another method for Digital Marketing. It requires companies to pay search engines to put them on the front page when a user searches for a keyword. This solution provides Google 96 percent of its net worth. In consequence, it is Google’s most lucrative service. This and SEO, while the results may technically be the same, the effort is a lot different. SEO requires much more dedication and knowledge. Advertising services include Google AdWords, Bing ads, and Yahoo Ads. An example of Search Engine advertising service is PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns. 


  A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is the effort it takes to put an advertisement on Search Engines results in certain keywords relating to a company’s product or services. It is similar to SEO but might appear more organized and visible in the search results. For example, the advertisement may appear on the upper right or the lower part of the search result page. The position is set according to CPC (Cost per Click). It is the cost the client assigned when their website is accessed through an advertisement. The client has to pay the Search Engine each time there is a click on the advertisement.


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search engines that provide advertising services

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo provide advertising services for companies willing to pay